TRI-X-NOISE Photobook

9/22/2017 Hello TXN book pre-buyers! After months of false starts, delays and broken promises, the book has a new production manager! The files have been fixed and are headed for the printer, for real this time, I promise. 

As soon as I learn the date the books will be manufactured I will be posting here and emailing all pre-buyers.

If you have any questions please contact me.

I appreciate everyone's patience. I promise to never make a book again, haha! 


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3 decades of subterranean countercultural hijinks are recorded on black and white film. Beginning with early the 80s Texas skatepunk scene, the book is a sprawling visual journal of a life lived on the road and after dark. Punk shows high and low, crusty experimental cinemas, freight train adventures, Mission School graffiti, impossibly obscure house shows, and art exhibits in the shadowy margins— it’s a mash up of subcultural documentation, from San Francisco to Shreveport Louisiana, from Texas to Braddock Pennsylvania, a flash-lit scrapbook of an invisible vanguard— all shot on Tri-X film stock. 

Additional support for TRI-X-NOISE provided by VANS.


ATA - Craig Baldwin - Abby Banks - Butthole Surfers - Big Boys - Black Elf Speaks - Black Flag - Blue Ramp - Black Rainbow - Braddock PA - Kime Buzzelli - City Museum - Colossus of Roads - Cosmo - Jimmy Cousins - Lee Daniel - Dead Kennedys - Deuce Seven - Wade Driver - Craig Johnson - Matokie Slaughter - mini-cine? Shreveport - Ivy McClelland - Minor Threat - Minutemen - Misfits - New Orleans Airlift - Lance Mountain - Nice Strong Arm - Alee Peoples - Periscope Projects SD - Pflugerville - Jeff Phillips - Mike Plante - Diana Prechter - Ian Quiet - Raul's Club - Reminisce - Barry Schwartz - Jimmy Shotwell - Slab City - Southern Pacific BALAF - Stick Men with Rayguns - Mike Stoltz - Swampy - Jai Tanju - Twist - Philip Trussell - Adam Wallcavage - David Yow - Xara Thustra, and some things without names.